Whether you're thriving in the best of times, surviving in the worst, or existing somewhere in between, this website is here for you. 

About Rose Rock Vibes

Rose Rock Vibes is a holistic self-care themed website covering topics such as personal development, wellness, creative expression, and grief. The site also features macrame wall hangings, sun catchers, and driftwood hangings.  

The name is in reference to the barite crystal formations found in Oklahoma.  It’s also a nod to my lifelong interest in collecting rocks and minerals. 

Contact Information

Email: roserockvibes@gmail.com

Phone: 918.947.9380

Custom macramé orders are available! 

About Me


I’m Diane, creator of Rose Rock Vibes. I’m a content creator, rock musician, writer, photographer, macramé artist, and HSP ('Highly Sensitive Person' personality trait).   

In the last few years leading up to the COVID pandemic of 2020-2021, I experienced a great deal of loss and grief due to losing three generations of family members within a few years.  With the pandemic came a much-needed slower pace of life for me. I eventually had the opportunity to take some time off work to focus on creativity and healing.  I also wanted to write about my experiences and share content in a way that wouldn’t contribute to the divisiveness seen on social media. This is why I created Rose Rock Vibes.

I’ve always enjoyed writing. In 2006, I received my bachelor’s degree in Music Entrepreneurship, an individualized major I created at Missouri State University. This degree included music business, writing, and photography courses, along with guitar studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I also participated in music and songwriting workshops there and spent a few years living in Boston, working as a photographer and playing music.

In 2016, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa. Sometimes confused with Human Resources, this degree is broader and comprises a range of topics, including mental health, organization studies, and social justice and change. The versatility of these studies has influenced both my work and personal life.

I hope you enjoy the content on this website.  Follow Rose Rock Vibes on social media, and check out my handmade bohemian decor if you would like to help support this website. A portion of proceeds also provides macramé donations for organizations and people in need of comforting decor.